Activity Suggestions

This section of the website will provide suggestions of activities that you can do with your mentee. Engaging your mentee in extracurricular activities can make a huge difference in their life. See the following resources to find out what is available in their area, and ask your case manager if you need more information. If you know of a resource that we have not listed here please let us know so we can add it! You can also find tutoring resources here.



101 Fun Academic Activities

Thanks to the Mentoring Institude for compiling this wonderful list of easy and creative academic activities to enjoy with your mentee on or off campus! These activity ideas will help you have fun and build your relationship with your mentee while improving his/her academic skills. No more just doing boring homework!

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Structured Recreational Activities

This article contains a list of organizations (and their websites and contact information) that provide structured recreation activities in Carpinteria, Santa Barbara, and Goleta. Some of them offer free or discounted memberships to youth in the Fighting Back Mentor Program. Please check with your case manager for more information.

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Suggested Activities: On and Off Campus


The Importance of Playing

Playing is the primary method that children practice all kinds of personal and social skills. This article, by Lloyd J. Thomas, Ph.D., from Partners Mentoring Youth, stresses the importance of interactive play in an era of video games, tv, and chat rooms that offer little personal interaction. The process of playing is important to the mentoring relationship and an effective way of making learning fun.

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