What Do You Think?: Teasing the Kid Who Doesn't Sound Like You
Tuesday, April 23, 2013 at 8:02PM
Lynda Rae in bullying, cyberbullying, teasing

What do you think about this scenario?

Casie is in the 5th grade and is very popular with her classmates. Everyone wants to be her friend and play with her during recess. Casie has played with the same friends since she was in the first grade, and they have become a close group of girls. One day, Casie’s new classmate Lisa comes up to ask if she can play with Casie. Casie starts laughing at Lisa because she has a stutter. She says, “No Lisa, you can’t play with us because you sound weird. Why do you even talk like that?” Casie goes on and starts fake stuttering back at Lisa. All her friends are laughing and they start making fun of Lisa too so they can be as cool as Casie. Lisa starts to cry and runs into the bathroom.

Questions for Discussion:

1. Why do you think Casie reacted the way she did to Lisa? Do you think she thought about her actions before doing them? Might she have acted differently if she wasn’t surrounded by her friends?

2. Why do you think kids tease each other in general? What did Casie gain by teasing Lisa? Do you think Cassie will get in trouble for this?

3. How do you think Lisa feels? How might this affect her in the future?
4. Have you ever made fun of someone because they speak differently? Why did you do it or why didn’t you? How do you feel about that now?
5. If you saw someone being made fun of, would you try to stop it? What would you do?
6. Have you ever been teased for the way you sound before? What might you do if you were? Would you tell someone?


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