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Divorce and Separation

Divorce can be an emotionally exhausting experience for everyone in a family, but especially the children. If you mentee's family is going through, or has recenlty gone through, a divorce, you can be a safe person to talk to about their feelings. The most important thing you can do is to help them understand that this is not happening because of them, and provide a stable and compassionate relationship during this stressful time.

Articles in this section of our webiste will provide more tips and resources on this topic. Here are some other articles you may find useful:


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What Do You Think?: Dealing with Divorce

This article provides a scenario about a child experiencing his parents' divorce, with interactive questions you can use to discuss this issue with your mentee. Also included are facts about children of divorce and tips on helping your mentee during the stress of a divorce.

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What Do You Think?: Divorce and Family Issues

This article provides a scenario of a high school student whose parents are going through a divorce, with interactive questions you can use with your mentee to discuss the various responses a teen might have in this situation. Often divorce forces teens to feel responsible for younger siblings, take on adult responsibilities in the home, and make it difficult to concentrate on schoolwork. The article provides tips on how mentors can help in a situation like this.

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