What Do You Think?: Protecting Your Reputation
Tuesday, May 7, 2013 at 10:56PM
Lynda Rae in fighting, gossip, reputation, rumor

What do you think about this scenario?

After a fun summer, Martin entered the new school year with a positive attitude. He felt good about his classes, and the new friends he’s made. After the first few weeks of school, Martin has noticed the new girl, Gaby. He develops a crush and talks to her whenever he has a chance. One of his classmates, Steve, tells Martin that Gaby likes him and wants to be his girlfriend. Excited, Martin goes to hug Gaby, and asks if she would like to be his girlfriend in front of everyone, including Steve. She stares at him, and says no. Everyone is laughing and Martin soon realizes this was just a rumor started by Steve. Martin yells some bad words to Steve, clenches his fists and throws the first punch.

Questions for Discussion:

1. How do you think Martin felt when he realized Steve had made up a rumor about him? How would you feel?

2. Why do you think Steve started the rumor?

3. Why do you think that Martin fought Steve?

4. Instead of fighting, what might have been a better way for Martin to handle this situation? How do you stand up for yourself?

5. What do you think will be the consequences for fighting at school?


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