Tools for Success Resources

This training could be considered part two of the Cultural Competence training and focuses on bridging the gab between mentor and mentee cultures and customs to help mentors identify and understand their mentees’ background; especially concerning their socio-economic status and ethic cultural customs. With this new understanding we then provide tools to help mentors build their mentee's assets, teach them to plan and set goals, and then motivate them towards success! Use the following training PowerPoint and PDF handouts to further your understanding of the topic and suppliment the training.

Tools for Success PPT

Evaluating Resources and Assets Handout

Use this handout to gain a better understanding of the resources your mentees does and doesn't have, and identify areas in which you may be able to build their assets.

Class Norms Handout

This handout clearly shows the different class perspectives and norms on many important categories such as education, time, and driving motivators.

Key Points on Latino Culture Handout

Use this handout to learn basics about Latino Culture to help you gain insight on your menteee's behavior if they are Latino.

Multicultural Tree Worksheet

This fun and interesting activity is a great way to take a closer look at you and your mentee's backgrounds and what has shaped you into the people you are. Do the activity together and then share to see what differences and similarities you have. For younger children simplify the questions and perhaps include art by actually drawing a tree while you do the activity. This is a guaranteed conversation starter!

Planning and Thinking Skills for Youth Handout

This handout includes more resources to help you mentee learn to plan for the future and set goals, including necessary critical thinking and self advocacy skills.

Thinking About College and Careers Handout

This has resources to get your mentee thinking about college and careers. Helping your mentee explore the options available is so important and these resources can help you do that!