Did You Know?

98% of our matches last 6 months or more.

91% of our matches last 12 months or more.
(Compared to 38% nationally)


Why Mentoring Works

In evaluations of our program, we have found that youth who have a positive adult role model are more likely to succeed academically as well as personally. These students are also more likely to avoid becoming involved with negative behaviors such as drug and alcohol abuse, violence, and truancy. Just having someone who listens, supports, and encourages can make a huge difference in the life of a young person.

The most recent national study of school based mentoring, involving youth in more than 70 schools, concluded that mentored youth had improved academic performance, reduced school infractions, and fewer truancies. Mentored students were also significantly more likely than their non-mentored peers to report the benefits of a non-parental adult in their life who they look up to and talk to about personal problems, who cares about what happens to them and influences the choices they make. Mentored students were also more confident that they would attend and finish college.