Youth Development Resources
This site provides you with instructions and resources to help youth envision and work towards their full potential. Step-It-Up-2-Thrive is a theory of change with four stages. The first stage is identification of youths’ sparks, followed by development of a growth mindset. The third stage encourages youth self-reflection about indicators of thriving and risk factors in the way. The fourth stage builds youths’ goal management skills, or what we term GPS (Goal selection, Pursuit of strategies, and Shifting gears in the face of challenge). The full Step-It-Up-2-Thrive process motivates youth to achieve personal development goals. Begin with helping a youth identify their sparks, or their hidden strengths.

Search Institute: A series of tools for mentoring adolescents

Designed by the Mentoring Partnership of Minnesota and the Search Institute, this series of trusted information will help mentors who work with middle and high school mentees. Some of the information is targeted towards the Minnesota area, but there are also other national organizations linked within these pages.

Analyzing Advertising: A Discussion Guide for Parents and Kids (
Though this is targeted at parents, mentors can use the information enclosed in this as well to help mentees develop sound reasoning skills to apply to advertising.